Monday, June 26, 2006

Variable Viscosity

Another artistic abberation from yours truly.

Modem is still out at home, and thus the temporary neglect here.
Wikipedia describes viscosity as "a measure of the resistance of a fluid to deform under shear stress", which in my quite regularly twisted logic fairly describes my current state of being. First of all, I'm having a peekaboo, now-you-see-me-now-you-don't hint of a cold, which led me to some light preventive medication with a stronger-than-expected sedative effect, which in concert with my caffeine, creates the gruffus fuzziness that seems to have overstretched sentences as a rather interesting side effect.

It's less than two months before I leave to the States and the days seem to pass by quickly with what seems like a busy schedule, but somehow I reach the end of each day and think, hey, there goes another day, and I know I was busy but I don't feel... the viscosity of it all. I know a lot of it is significant work, but still I get this feeling like that of eating a lot of McDonald's french fries and then thinking two hours later that I don't feel much actually in digestion. Methinks the US will bring much of direction (I suppose one could call it that), but then I'm also thinking that it's like I'm a liquid looking for a glass to find a shape. Not the best philosophy... or viscosity.


eg9 said...

oh the picture has finally loaded! It's Patience!

AF said...

um, actually that's a full concert harp from the last recital, all what, 6 octaves!

eg9 said...