Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Penang Free School, pond area...

...which has nothing to do with the posting, but what the hey, eh. I've been feeling time a little more, and in more than one way. Like how much time there is left (two months) before I leave, probably not to return for at least two years. And in music, certain moments in time are just more important to me now, or at least more clearly important. Rests, moments of not quite a fermata, but breathers nonetheless. Also, it seems I've finally crossed over to contemporary, or at least set foot in it... Caught a good contemporary music concert of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's Chamber Players. Never realized before this, how different triangle beaters can make vastly different sounds, and also didn't know you could play a xylophone with a cello bow. Also, I spent the most I've ever spent on a single CD - RM84!!! - for this:

Click on the photo to connect to the link.

...mostly because I think it might be good stuff to try out in Indiana. But for now, there's a final way that time has become particularly present: It's time to go sleep. It's been a productive but tiring couple of days.

Final narcissictic comment: It was good to note that Strings Magazine is available in Borders at The Curve. A small high to know that there's a small little something buried in this huge place which has my name on it. A needle in a literary haystack, but it's my needle, baby, yeah.

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