Sunday, June 18, 2006


The good stuff. Oh yummy yummy.

That's fried bananas (not the crispy Malaysian pisang goreng way, but still quite soft), wih ice cream and chocolate sauce. Something like 35 baht, which is a steal I tell you. Can't believe I lived two years in Thailand and I didn't know they had this.

So I'm back in Penang, and I think I'll take a couple of days to recover. The Bangkok recital was a success, I hear, both from the feedback of the music, as well as the money raised to help the school. I'm still quite critical of some of the boo-boos I made on the viola, but the feedback has been all good, so that sort of evens things out. Two important things: 1. there were some areas which were better than ever in personal practice, and 2. I can better see things to keep working at, and in music, that's really all there is, moving on, and moving forward.

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eg9 said...

...sans substance support? ;)

Glad to hear it went well!

Oh yeah, dunno if you'd enjoy reading this.

ps: WordPress- I signed up and found out the evil truth.

WordPress = design Nazis. You can't even change a background colour, let alone a font face!!!!