Sunday, May 28, 2006

Park Pics

From one of the parks in Island Glades.

This one has a certain artistic omniousness. I say that with the very realized possibility that "omniousness" may not be a word, and as for the artistic bit, well, with as much credibility as the mom on the street proclaiming her toddler is a genius.

I've been hearing quite a bit about these protests against the Article 11 groups. IMHO: Yes, Article 11 has the perfect right to have their meetings, and the right not to be cut short by these protests. But all the same, in my opinion, other people should have the same right to protest against it, even if they're obnoxious, religiously bigoted, and had the intelligence of a llama on crack. That's what free speech is about. It protects the dumbass as well as the social activist, and it's the job of the police to make sure that neither's actions disrupt the other involved party. But I dunno, maybe they're too caught up with issuing licenses for approved gatherings, you tell me.

Also interesting: this little link from Shaun's site - YouTube, Malaysian Parliment session, how about that.

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