Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Decided, It Is.

It's been the leading favorite, and it's now been confirmed, and likewise has my conversion to American spelling. As opopsed to teh Malaysian wan. Here's the final list:

I'm going to: INDIANA UNIVERSITY SOUTH BEND for a Masters in Music - in viola performance. Scholarship covers full tuition, housing, and an informal administrative assistantship as a manager for the music library.

Also accepted into:
Birmingham Conservatoire, University of Central England - admission, financial aid.
Oklahoma City University - admission, financial aid, conditional on transcripts.
University of Tazmania - admission, financial aid.
Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide - admission.
University of Queensland - admission.

Turned down from:
University of Sydney Conservatorium: "This course is not available for international students."

All in all, I've much to be happy about. Now it's hi-ho hi-ho time, with visa stuff to handle, and not to mention a joint recital with Amanda in Bangkok June 16, and the recital here in Penang to plan and prepare for. With a big hello to Teng Jian who's back (and with thanks again for the Corrette sonata score, yay!).


Khoon Yu said...

Hi Andrew, congrats on your recent admission. Getting a visa shouldn't be a pain for you. Well, mine didn't take long either - about a week or so.

Congrats again!

Jinx said...

Congrats, Andrew! :)

Roxanne said...

Congratulations! :)

AF said...

Hey guys, thanks! :)

Amanda said...

Welcome to the IUSB gang ;0)