Sunday, April 23, 2006

White and black

I actually got of muh lazy bum and went for a bit of exercise today with a couple of old friends from the orchestra. Took out this fabulous pair of Adidas sneakers which have been languishing in a closet - shoes which I bought at the height of this fad I had about only wearing things that were black or white, and as far as shoes go - both, and nothing in between. Packed up some body wash because going to dinner smellier than the dead pig which they use to make bak kut teh isn't the best of ideas, and also a bottle of water. When I looked at the blue body wash liquid, and the green Nalgene water bottle, and I thought, hmm, best not to get the little colors mixed up. See why things are just better in black and white?

So we went up to the Air Itam dam, fairly scenic along the route. The dam itself looked like the final parking of Noah's Ark:

Above: The Air Itam Dam. Or, could it be, instead:

which actually looks more impressive here, owing to the lack of porportion in photography which doesn't quite show that the latter scene is about 1% the size of the former.

There was this kid on the route, who couldn't quite keep up with his folks. So, every time there was this little crack in the road, he would announce: "Hey! That's the 'stop walking' line."

Anyway, we ended up at the same destination as where all great journeys end up: dead meat. Not us, but the glorious bak kut teh that some how tastes less guilty than usual, owing to having worked off some calories beforehand. Or in my case pretending to at any rate, which hey, takes effort too.

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