Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Nature of Education

Got this in a pop-up:

The wording of which really reflects the current skewed views on education. Well, at least locally, but I'm guessing is not merely endemic to this country. It would have been far easier to advertise an online degree program, or just a "Get Your Degree Now!" or something of the sort. But with "Get the Degree you Deserve" - and let's not even talk about the copywriter's use of lower and upper case as and when he/she feels like it - it really rings a bell.

While it is predicatably geared to those who have done a lot of work in the field and want something to account for it, there's also those who believe that simply existing in a university for three years makes them eligible for a degree (with, surprisingly, very little school work or classes). And they usually get it.

Pity really, because it's the school work, the classes and the life experiences that come with it that make an education worthwhile, and the degree is sort of like the fullstop at the end of the journey.


eg9 said...

I think of it as geared towards those who feel / get discriminated against in the workplace becuase of lack of a formal paper.

It's not so much about the experience / schoolwork. It's about a pallative to stop the pain and make the discrimination go away.

As for Upper and Lower case.. I Happen to Like using those for Emphasis.

Although I don't personally agree with the use of them in that ad.

AF said...

Yes, upper and lower case... well, for emphasis it's fine. It just brings out the Adrian Monk in me when it's random carelessness.