Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My phone screen is a goner:

It is suffering from something known as TIBAD Syndrome, which in technical terms stands for "This Is BAD". There are many possible reasons why this has occurred:

1. Feeling some impending doom, my invisible magical fairy godmothers yelled, "CODE BLUE!" and paddled my phone.
2. The phone snuck under the couch looking for crumbs from yesterday's cookie fest. I sat on the couch. The couch has that habit.

3. I somehow doubt it though, since the outer casing wasn't cracked. It may be a case of internal combustion. I always wondered what that was.
4. It's a harbringer of Hollywood. That we're facing a fourth Lord of the Rings movie. I know this because my phone looks startlingly like

And when you find out where I got this picture, you'll see why it's a cons-piracy.

It looks like I may have to get a new phone... well, as soon as I get the cash from the last gig. Don't think I want to delve into my savings right now. So... please don't SMS or misscall me - though I think I can still pick up the phone when it rings. I think.

I somehow imagined changing to a new phone as being a more dramatic affair. You know, like accidentally tossing it off a cliff while tying my shoelaces. Or it being eaten by rabid wildboars while I pick out four-leaf clovers. My Walkman had more style when it went, drop-kicked the thing in the library. Not that was classy. Butt-to-cushion wasn't the way to go.

Post-Draft Script: Found out it was likely the LCD which burned out. Should be able to replace just that... with somewhat less procrastination than otherwise.

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