Monday, April 03, 2006

Dude, Where's Muh Dirt?

You wake up the next morning and find out the ground you drove over last night just isn't quite there any more.

Apparently aggresive and irresponsible property development led to a landslide that's closed one of the bigger roads in Sungai Ara, a road I use just about every day.

I took this pic by walking past barriers closing the area, that stated the reason of the closure was for development work. The proper way to put it would have been to call it de-destruction work, really. Didn't give a heck about crossing the barriers since it's public property.

The culprits have cunningly covered the whole area with the blue sheets you see there, so that people viewing the area from below don't see the extent to which the soil erosion has reached.

Perhaps people will think that it's the purported side effects of either laser-eye surgery - or Viagra. But thankfully, Malaysian people are not so stupid... especially when they have the chance to be kay-po*.


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