Wednesday, March 01, 2006


A commonly surreal conversation with BK about the possibility of a civilization of sentient robots has the tone and air of a couple of professors chatting up number theory, but our references of Star Trek's Data, Robocop, and Bicentennial Man might not hold up equal muster somehow. At the end of it all, I came to a realization that I'm often on the side of the guy who disproves the theory - in this case against the contention that artificial intelligence can ever think for itself - which somehow goes against the grain of my regular underdog-supporting and slightly anti-establishment tinted persona. Not good to get too cynical so early.

Later that evening was catching Serenity, a sci-fi which I had never heard about with a thus unknown cast that seems to be mostly from the TV series on which it is based. The verdict: surprisingly good, with excellent (if brief) CGI, fairly good acting, and the occasional and well placed punchlines in the script that I realize don't work quite as well reprinted here as when acted out, so no spoilers. The downside would probably be that it takes a while to get the background all there for the story to move forward - the other side to this is that the scriptwriters have really connected the beginning to the end well.

At the helm of Serenity. I still think it's a sissy name for a spaceship.

Still waiting for email from the States. Gonna attend a Auzzie education fair this Sunday to keep my options open.

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