Wednesday, March 08, 2006


A little while back I was at church during a particularly long service. The pews were in a rather haphazard arrangment as the church was reorganizing its seating arrangements, and some pews had stickers denoting where they were supposed to be placed.

After the service proper a guy was invited up to talk about a bible study program and people started to leave, and some others were edgy as to how long it was going to take (especially when he started out with, "From Genesis to Revelations!"). The sermon that day was about discovering what God had to say to you. And so I looked down at my pew:


eg9 said...

Priceless. (^-^)

Did any striking Revelations result from staying put?

AF said...

If there's a God, he has a sense of humor?

eg9 said...

so nothing you didn't already know eh :)