Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So This Is What Brian Boitono Does

Found out while listening to commentary on figure skating that Brian Boitono, made famous in this generation because of South Park's What Would Brian Boitono Do?, is actually a figure skater, and a former Olympic gold medal winner. It's a little scary that even in a sport that one has an interest in, former gold medal winners can be forgotten quite that easily. I'm partial perhaps, but I'd say that musicians are luckier in that sense, at least the soloists are anyhow. The advantage of being still mostly in an audio-based medium, that you can listen to and still do something else. Though I'm not sure that's exactly a compliment.

Been doing some background study on the Olympics as well - reading up on the technical elements of figure skating, as well as some of the tragedies of Olympics gone by. On the technical elements, it's interesting to note that things like the lutz are named after, as my sister might say, "a dude". As for the tragedies, turns out the diver who hit his head on the diving board in the Seoul Olympics actually survived the event. The more highlighted tragedy today is the hostage-taking of Munich by Palestinian terrorists, of which a new movie is being based, which will likely be banned in certain countries, shall we say. Some day people are going to have to accept that banning something is saying something more concrete than whatever you're banning. But let's see what happens.

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