Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Ibycus Concert... and then some

From the somewhat recent Mozart celebration concert - the flute quartet of yours truly-viola, Yuki-cello, Bantoon-flute and Bing-violin.

This is really cool - I don't like to embed video/audio in my blog because it tends to bug someone, somewhere, who has music of his/herown playing... but this was tempting. It's semi-improvisation on Canon in D on Electric guitar, with a nice minor version of it as well - makes one realize some limitations of jamming on a bowed stringed instrument. Though the opening few bars suck, I know. If someone knows how to download it instead of just viewing it on the web, let me know.

This was a little weird, a blog that welcomes spam. "This page was put in place so that you can spam here instead of other blogs where spam is unwanted. Spam is welcomed here. I'm ready to visit your lovely websites, leave a comment."

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