Monday, February 13, 2006

Blog Fodder

I've always respected it when a friend of mine told me that she never had the kind of inclination to go for celebrity trivia, bios, autographs, that sort of thing. It's sort of the kind of thing that comes together with intelligence, sophistication, and having a lot of better and productive things to do in one's life.

I, of course, lack most of all that.

Thankfully, I'm a moderate, and besides which, it provides for blog fodder.

Besides the usual gossip, the actual bios, interviews and resumes are rather interesting - a sample below and I found the final bit interesting, especially since it's... well, not a joke:

Also, I found the movie Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle rather interesting. One of the things I liked in particular was the part when Kumar used Hindi to his advantage, and it would have been nice if Harold had done the same. Not Hindi though. Duh.

Other interesting things include Coffee With Karan. I have little knowledge of some of the actors and the films they discuss, but some of these Indian actresses really really know how to talk. So fab. Plus with that combination of British English with a touch of a Hindi/Tamil/Urdu accent. Terlalu fab. And the saris too.

I just bought Brokeback Mountain, which is saying something good of the changing times about being able to bring back a show about gay cowboys into a rather conservative home. It's not without a mite bit of resistance from now-unnamed quarters - I maintain my contention that it's a Oscar nominee for Best Picture, but quietly I'll acknowledge that I might not have bothered if it weren't quite that controversial.

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