Friday, January 13, 2006

Say "aaah"

I'm beginning to fear that in the end, as much as I like the lifestyle of the modern classical musician, with the coattails, cocktails, and matching lifestyle, I may have to eventually admit that I have the most unsophisticated taste in what coffee I drink.

So I'm Bangkok, and back at the my favourite Internet place. Actually, it's my favourite way to kill an hour or two, because you can have coffee alone without looking like a loner with lousy coffee. No, you're a loner with coffee that you don't really care is lousy who's blogging, and that makes all the difference. Sets one apart from the tiny tots killing each other on online games. Oh yeah, baby, yeah.

Actually I like this, seriously. Being anonymous, being alone where even the chatter of people around you doesn't intrude into one's solitude. Of course, that's partially because they all speak a language I don't understand, but hey, I'm not picky.

There's a new movie out, which I don't plan to watch, but I noticed that its poster:

which makes me think, gee, that's original, did someone really take a full ten minutes to Photoshop it from:

...or perhaps:

I very much suspect that it's all secretly funded by an dentist-mafia with aims at product placement. Or in such a case proralduct placement, perhaps.

Looking forward to completing the next couple of weeks - a chamber concert of Mozart flute quartets, then ka-ching it's Chinese New Year and then I can start on ways to be financially productive back in Malaysia.

But for now, just say "aaah".


And make sure you chomp on garlic before that. Heh heh. Whoa boy, the dentist-mafia will want to get me. And my little incisors too.

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