Sunday, December 04, 2005

Serious offence, you know

No joke:

"This is a special announcement from AirAsia: removing the life jacket and safety instruments from the aircraft is a serious offence."

Makes me think:

"Oi, see lah, down here got very nice plastic bag you know. Summore got free whistle."
"Really ah? Can use to package all the soap we curi from the hotel ah."
"See lah that's why Malaysia better than America. In America always got free gift with purchase. We better wan, we got free gift whenever we can find it wan."
"What you think of this other plastic bag at the top here, the one with the yellow mask? Think maybe can guna for the haze ah?"
"Dunno lah, that wan look like sotong busuk."

Also advertising has found a new medium: the overhead compartments and the seat-trays now have Solartron ads (some company that deals with solar panels). Bad enough that is sounds like a character from Voltron or Transformers, but my first instinct was to look out the window and hope that it didn't mean this airplane was running on solar panels, coz if that's so, clouds would be bad news. :P

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