Sunday, November 06, 2005

Organic Farming And Then Some

A little error on my part has set me back RM200, in choosing the cut for my tails... but it was helpful and encouraging for Jinx to point out that in getting a second one done right, I now have the wardrobe for cocktails as well, which is basically every function quartet.

Two concerts down, and three more to go. The past few days in Saraburi with the Bangkok Symphony have been fun, spending whole evenings chatting with the other musicians (steaks and whiskey had something to do with it too), collecting more musician jokes some of which (remarkably) had nothing to do with the viola. The audience each day was some 5,000 strong - mostly country folk, farmers and such, who subscribe to this Japanese-based religious belief which includes the benefits of organic farming, and listening to music- though not necessarily at the same time... ranging from a mild idea of being a part of spirituality, to the more extreme description of leading one on wings to heaven. Interesting that they took their cues from the stage - meaning large increases in applause when someone bows.


daniel_lawbreaker said...

hey...was jus browsin through...and i can see how much u luv pfs.. i'm a student there now and will be form5 next year.. i am a sea scout..
jus for u to know... there are lots of changes in pfs now.. next year onwards all students will have to have their hair cut military skool style.. and our skool pin badge will b change to cloth and we wil have to sew it on our shirt.. hehez.. nway...u were form wad year?

AF said...

PFS 1992-1996 (Form 5) 1997-1998 (Form 6) 1999-2001 (temporary teaching) 2001 (OFA committee member) now-forever (friend of PFS).

Yes I've heard about the rather radical ideas going on with school policies. With a touch of dark humor, scouts before Baden-Powell were actually a branch of the military, so the new haircuts should be fairly historical... just kidding, but not about the history!

Fortis Atque Fidelis, and thanks for popping by the blog.