Friday, November 18, 2005

Innovation Friday: What if the Violin Were Indestructable?

The creation of so many indestructable new compounds in this modern age such as titanium, and bubble gum, may eventually lead to indestructable musical instruments. In such a case, one wouldn't worry so much about doing this:

And this would lead to other developments:

1. Since a violin "ages" and gains a better sound by long-term vibrations of the instrument, thus this would lead to using the violin for corporal punishment instead of the whip (which incidentally, is actually an orchestral instrument - listen to the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra). If done right, this may make literal the expression, "facing the music." OK, lawak bodoh, aku pun tau.

2. The dent-proof tuba... and relatives. Since the larger brass instruments are already in use as punishment either by whacking... or playing with too much spit in the piping, dent-proofness is only a skip away. The only trouble would be that since dent-proof cars would not absorb the shock of a collision, all brass instruments would come with airbags. Actually, many of them already do - connected to the mouthpieces... Just kidding guys!

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