Sunday, November 13, 2005

buat dia punya bulat

Was watching Next@CNN and found it interesting to note one wine maker filing speakers next to his grape vines and playing classical music, saying that it has positive effects on their growth. (Of course, it could just be that the electricity from the wires are somehow flowing into the soil, which would mean suggest that electrocuting your tongue might be a pleasant experience, go ahead, try it and let me know how it goes, eh.) In other news, Sony is apparently giving up the production of its copy-proof CDs, though I thought it was already a thing of the past with some Malaysian discovering (and publicizing, naturally) that one only needed a black marker pen to darken the extra ring on the CD to make it, in Malaysian flair, boleh copy wan. Kopi pun boleh.

This one is better told in person, but I'll do my best. It's a true story: apparently one local conductor once complained to his orchestra, yelling, "Why can't you get this right? I'm beating very clearly, sub-dividing in nine! See (waving his baton): ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX-SE-VEN-EIGHT-NINE!" (If you don't get this joke, look in a mirror now, and check if you see a potential violist.)

Oh no, you do!

Found out that South Bend where I'm planning to go to next year isn't that far south after all, actually it's east of Chicago and right next to Michigan (I have yet to ascertain its bending properties). I'd like to go back and visit the schools I went to in East Lansing, Michigan many many years ago damn I sound old here but they, like the dinosaur that I am, have closed down. My junior high, where the string orchestra was resident in the lowest dungeon, is now some sort of community center. The past aside, the future looks very promising, and with some extra luck, I may have two friends of mine from Thailand going to the same state for further studies. Apart from cyling in the autumn, I'm also dreaming of an iBook, heh heh. Apple rules, as would any PFS Editorial Board alumni declare. Macs also have the effect of making me want a lot of white chocolate, so I should get that ready too. Speaking of PFS, found this link to 7th Georgetown (South), another PFS Scout Troop. As usual, wah lau.

My schedule is scary as ever... absolutely challenging to imagine fitting in all the packing. Now that the symphony orchestra concerts are over (with an additional Royal Anthem with the Chulalongkorn University Symphony, what a bonus) it's just prepping the solo Weber, whoo hoo! And fitting in invites that somehow tend to include a fair amount of alcohol, including slightly too much sake last night.



bess said...

the conductor/potential violist joke is kinda classic - my conductor in philharmonic chamber tells that all the time, the best part was when we asked what if he goes up to e-le-ven, the answer was: oh well, u got to pass se-ven first. =)

~tengman.k.~ said...

bess, i should tell you about the one-two-three-four-five booboo that one of our friends made when conducting a band piece (it's a horrible piece to conduct, going between 4, 5, 3 and 2 a lot but still it was hilarious). hard to do in text though. he made the five into a down beat, trying to show us how he was conducting when we mentioned he was conducting 4 rather than 5.

bess said...

ha... think i kinda get it.

eg9 said...

*shudders at images of christmas choir conductor beating duple for threes...*

The best christmas choir conductor we ever had (and the only one I remember keeping proper beat time musically and artistically) was gay.