Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some firsts, some not

This is tosai in the process of me munching on it - with three sauces, coconut-based, kurma non-spicy curry, and some sort of chilli and tomato thing. (I like the first one best, though I risk arguing with my digestive system in the process, which is on the other side of the coconut internal politics). In Singapore, tosai is "dosai", by the way, and either way, definately not a first for me - I really like this stuff and stuff myself whenever the opportunity arises.

Some actual firsts in the past couple of days:
1. Peking Duck. (yuuuum)
2. Raw oyster (not bad, but it doesn't really register one way or another)
3. Fresh apple juice (surprisingly after more than a decade living here, last night was the first time I had it - the only time before that was fresh apple cider in the States, and that was superb)
4. 1-inch fish bone in mua throat, which was a very interesting experience, I must say - but no encores ok.

Which apparently is also Anne-Sophie Mutter's policy, concerto only - no encores, and a non-negotiable RM70,000 fee per concert, which is reportedly why she's being side-lined in soloist selection in Europe.

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