Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Violists' Anthem

Sung to the tune of "Memory" from Cats.

Veeeee-ooooh-laaaaaaaaa, how you cringe to my veeee-oooooh-laaaaa
How you squirm in your seat, like you're holding a fart,
But we veeee-ooooh-lists, we know we look like a bunch of deadbeats,
But we're groooooovy, yes we areeeeeeeee(n't).

(second theme)
How we screech and how we scratch, our oveeer-sized blocks of wood
But watch our expressions! Mirrors of depression!
Like true artistes, meeeesunderstood!

(back to original theme)
Vee-oooh-laaaa, how you scowl at my veee-oooh-laaaa
Think we don't have a clue, and we're rather bizarre?
But alas my fwends, indeed it seems the joke is on youuuuuu
We're just fakin', yes we areeeeeee.


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apa tu?! eeeeeee.......