Sunday, September 25, 2005

Snap (uh-huh), crackle (hmm), pop (uh-oh)

I have a new barbeque spit. Or a popcorn maker; I haven't decided yet. It's product name is the Cream Roast Terrific, though it's better known as CRT - or also my computer monitor. There was a little blinkish snap (common), and then a little fizzle, and a little pop, followed by a small puft (I know it's "puff", but I like "puft", just like Mei Yoke's "onft" for on-off bow use) of smoke and an interesting little smell of roasted electricals.

Can't blame it too much. About a year ago in my old apartment, there was a little mishap when I was out, the makeshift platform (a Japanese table thing) on which it rested collapsed, and it fell, thankfully hitting a large cardboard box which served as a makeshift mouse-table.

I might see if it can be fixed, but I don't think I'll replace it, not with only a couple of months left here. The 5.1 sound system was to go back to Malaysia come October, but I'll probably bring back the computer instead. Computer games and web-surfing has been sucking up way too much time - not out of evening practice, but sleeping late usually means I don't get up early enough the next morning to put in some time. I'll miss MSN, but I'll still blog when I can from cyber-cafes, albeit, sans pictures. Pity really, I was just about to do an Innovation Friday on "What IF Violists Were Meteorologists?" However that's spelled.

I couldn't help but laugh when telling people my monitor kaput in a blaze of glory, and I have no idea why, but it all seems very amusing. The other upside to it is that on the same day the apartment management informed me that I can get a newer TV tomorrow that doesn't show most DVDs as black-and-white movies. The distraction quota is back and the world is in balance again.

Yin, yang, snap, crackle and pop. The Cream Roast Terrific, a rice crisper in harmony, that's what I've got. :P

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