Monday, August 22, 2005


My thoughts turn to food. Some of my favourites I hereby list.

1. Sou lon pau, or however it's transcribed from Chinese. Dumplings with soup inside them - apparently for the best ones you can hold the top of a dumpling with your chopsticks, and wiggle it up and down like a basketball, and the dumpling will remain intact. Lim Soon Lee introduced them to me recently, and I'm hunting them down here.

2. Chee cheong fun, Hong Kong style, thin, flat and wet, with small prawns and light sauce. Eaten with your best friend at 3am, still wide awake and with no work the next day.

3. Cheerios. Not your Honey Stars and other imitations - original, simple Cheerios. With warm milk. Rice Krispies come in a close second, especially when mixed up with marshmellows and baked - originally these were only available by doing them yourself with the recipe on the box, but now are sold as:

If you don't see a clear image, as Calvin - or Hobbes - would say, you're probably gulping down too much sugar yourself.

4. Deer and wild boar meat. Remember, Disney killed Bambi's mom. I only go chomp chomp.

5. Swiss Miss cocoa, with marshmallows.

6. Graham crackers, a slab of chocolate and one big marshmallow, roasted over an open fire, in winter.

7. Real blueberry pie made from real blueberries.

8. Lapsang souchong tea.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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AF said...

This blog does allow anonymous comments, mainly for use of the violin postings for translations and comments in Thai by non-bloggers. However, if you leave or promote a link, it should lead to a personal site and not an advertisement or a profit-centered site. My apologies for the inconviniences of this policy.

eg9 said...

nice new photo :)

Interesting to note just about the only... erm... conventionally healthy item is last on the list....

tsh said...

number 1 are shanghainese dumplings right?

damn fantastic, balls.. u got me salivating

if u're ever in kl, go to marriot in bukit bintang.. they have the best shanghainese dumplings outside of shanghai(?) in their chinese restaurant

AF said...

Sneexe - all are healthy for morale, if not for, um, you know, health. Then land of comfort food, heh heh.

Seong Hong, yeah, from Shanghai. Super duper stuff, but the only ones I found here so far are dissatisfactory. Going to try next week for a franchise that's actually called Sau Lon Pau... or however that's transcribed into Thai.