Friday, August 05, 2005

Oil on Acrylic on Canvas

Entitled, "Solo Viola", I found this
here, where there's an intriguing little poem along with it. I've never considered the foot stool, and the left hand position is fantastique, non?

Seriously though, I promise myself that this weekend I am going to get started on emailing music schools, and thanks to Amanda for pointing it out. Will it surprise you that for someone with an honors degree in Mass Communication, there's a real mental barrier with me sending out queries to people I don't know? Of course, the truth is simple: fear of rejection, as always.

Well, time to screw fear and get moving. No freakin' time for that. Unfurl the topsails and raise the anchor - life lies ahead!


Anonymous said...

go for it andrew! Never fear rejection. I think that the fear of rejection is the worst attribute that we as adults pick up. Sometimes, its good to be like a child again, without all the worries of humiliation, rejection and what ifs.

Will root for you all the way, dude! (of course there are benefits for me, no? I get to visit you!! Duh.. :P )

eg9 said...

children have fear of rejection too...

Anonymous said...

which are instilled, learnt or picked up somehow as they grow up. :) I remember how naive and curious babies are. Sad how we learn to fear at such a young age.