Saturday, August 27, 2005

No Mooning for You, Baby, Yeah

If the Martians really wanted to invade more than Tom Cruise, this would be just about the most cost-efficient time, considering that Mars is as close as it’ll ever be to Earth in our lifetimes. If the petrol prices in Mars are anything like they are here, this is the time oh yeah baby, yeah. Unfortunately light pollution (well, it’s heavy pollution, I meant light as in cahaya, tau) here in Bangkok, and rain in Penang means no spotting the moon, let alone Mars.

Sometimes I’m glad I often create posts in advance; I might have regretted publishing the one I wrote last night. In mitigation of my literary taste, it was after all right after coming back home with too many beers and, truth be told – dance music. Now I don’t profess to be an expert on it, but from what I’ve heard, there’s just one word for me: aduh. There’s absolutely no sense of dynamics, and the sustained rhythm – in the most simplistic time signature possible – isn’t even the performers’, but owed to a friggin’ machine. After a couple of hours of that, pop actually sounds sophisticated.

Oh crap, I’ve gone arty-farty again, dammit. I’m tempted to say “my bad” but the linguist in me just can’t do that without bringing up lunch and dinner along with it. I suppose last night’s discontent is still latent. Thankfully I’ve stopped short of expounding the genius of Mozart, which I’ll save for some other time.

There’s been a word that’s been bugging me, and that word is “insubstantial”. It’s not a fear of doing things which are insignificant, or unimportant, but rather a relation to possible potential. Enough griping already, I end with something a little more uplifting… and yes, these past two blogs have been at least subconsciously influenced by Teng Jian's blogging, especially on the archaeopteryx, the world's resident tongue-twister and spelling bee dino.

Dinosaur music enthusiasts realise that when it comes to learning the violin, size does matter.

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