Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Carpe dia punya diem… dan makan juga

I’m actually voluntary awake before 9am, and breakfast is on the fire as I type, so yes, this is a pyrotechnically enhanced post. My ex’s health-food advice was to have “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, but considering I’m having French toast, and being slightly historically minded, and being of the heads-on rather than heads-off inclination, I’d rather avoid the references to kings.

It’s Merdeka Day today, and I’m wearing my favourite PFS T-shirt, both reminiscent of a connection to an empire that still has a royalty with craniums securely bolted to the shoulders. I had originally intended to attend the dinner function at the embassy today, but contrary to what I was told on the phone, I had indeed registered too late. As such bak kut teh version 3.0 has been planned for this evening, this time with added tofu-strips – I only just figured out what those things are.

Later this morning a rehearsal with my pianist friend for the Weber, which apparently was originally for bassoon, and has a rather culinary sounding title: Andante e Rondo Ongerese. The afternoon will be spent looking at the US front for graduate studies, and a peek last night proved interesting. Work wise I’m opening the door to returning to either Penang or KL, with not that much regret, surprisingly, though I’ve realized for a while that the industry has serious limitations in Malaysia.

In other news, looks like there’ll only be one Malaysian student at the Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra this year – Jae Sern – plus one with the wind ensemble, which mirrors the tutor status, with myself with the violas, and Eric Lee with the euphoniums, I think. Also, I’m glad that another fellow musician had a trip to the US postponed – he had planned for New Orleans. And now, time to carpe the diem.


eg9 said...

Interestingly! Had been talking about breakfasts and recommended health rules to couple of different sets of people recently.

Our conclusions were that the big breakfast is a great idea in temperate climates; (where, naturally, most scientific health advice comes from); and rather unsuitable in the humid heat of the tropics...

Speaking of which, it really is very hot down here, i shall retreat to the airconditioned internetless Pg bedroom now :)

AF said...

Hmm... good to know, I won't feel so guilty then. :P Though I do worry about all the extra calories I take at night that go nowhere but to sleep with me.

OK, that could be read in an extremely weird way. :O

eg9 said...

...food fetishits?

ewww, worry about that pun. extremely bad.