Thursday, August 04, 2005

26 Years

I've been blog surfing, and it was interesting to note that while some of us intersperse BM and English, that it does sound unique to those who don't catch the language:

"ugh. im sad. no, im DEPRESSED. uuuggghh! nakakahawa pala ang depression" and "HEY PUMASOK PO AKO SA BLOG MO PARA IPOST LANG ITO!!!"

And despite the lack of comprehension, canggihnya, kan? Wah lau, aku nak tau cara nak blog dalam Tagalog. I get the feeling Star Trek's Universal Translator (which the scriptwriters only invented to appease the critics who were commenting that every alien spoke English) would have taken out all the fun. Kan?

I've started looking around for opportunities in graduate studies in Australia, and came across
this. If anyone has any recommendations as to scholarships or teaching assistantships, it would be most welcome. My mother just wrote to me saying, "Sounds exciting as one embarks on another segment of one's journey, isn't it?" and that really is the way I should be looking at things. Somehow, my insistence on working out the finances on my own, and turning 26 - that much closer to 30 - makes one realise that time is, if not really an enemy, a considerable adversary in the chess game of life, where the religious pieces aren't straight, the knights are drunk, the king is slow, the queen is supreme, and castling happens only once.

OK, I have absolutely no idea what that means, but you gotta admit it sounds cool.

On a more musical - note, I was reading through an interview with Lim Soon Lee, and rather liked this particular section:

"Should we play for the audience? Yes is the common answer, because they are there and if you do that, you become a god. But if I create something to please other people, it's very difficult and not my style. It has to be music and art which come first, not the audience. Like this, at least I can say, ''Mr Brahms, you have written great music and I've played it and l think I've played it right.'"

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