Saturday, July 23, 2005


I'm glad I've frozen my assets, and I don't mean sticking my rear end in the freezer, coz purple doesn't suit my complexion in any area.

Somewhat less ambigiously (darn!) I've frozen my bank account because for the third time I've lost my ATM card. I blame it on goblins and leprecauns, who have placed some sort of Vanishing Spell on it, and for a good measure, I'm sure they placed an equally annoying Bad Spelling Charm as I type. (You'll note that a Bad Spelling Spell would be kind of weird to say.)

Nevertheless, I have some cash from the recent Chulalongkorn University concert - which has somehow set some light on temptations to aquire more worldly possesions, both transient and transparent. Well, maybe not the latter, but it did sound good two seconds ago in my rather roomy noggin. Not snoggin', mind you, and I know that's a lot of allusions to the newest Harry Potter book which I've finished reading - and well, on this matter Pin's blog (Spirit Land) has a well-written account. All I'll add is that I'm leaning towards Sneexe's point-of-view in some areas, in a conversation a year ago, - doesn't anyone pity Moaning Mrytle? - and perhaps JK Rowling made a little error in leaving fairly-solvable plot puzzles hanging in this book - it will be quite a challenge to please in the final book.

I've collapsed to the purchase pressure of frozen blueberries, now lying in my freezer in their very purple state. My first bowlful kindly enlightened me on their rather easily explodable nature, or perhaps better put in the words of the Evil Witch of the East or West I Can't Remember Which Coz I'm Senile: "I'm MEEEELTING I'm MEEEELTING!!!" With flying monkeys as well, what a character, a pity she didn't get Dorothy and her little dog too, and you're right it's coz I don't work well with dogs, and Toto was always more official gambling than canine to me.

I've resisted a half-priced mountain bike, which is well within financial range, but with just no where to go without becoming roadkill. Speaking of which, if my end was going to be as roadkill, I'd imagine it somewhat more glorious to be hit by a 18-wheeler. I mean, rather than it be said, "aiyo, the fella kena by trishaw-lah". Of course if the 18-wheeler was carrying processed doggie poop, then the odds would be rather even.

I'm gonna cave in to getting a DVD-ROM, just because the TV in my apartment complex is colour, but monochrome when connected to my home theatre system. Wherein lies the possible irony of watching a DVD on my computer, and using the 5.1 as a backup sound system.

And that's it - if you imagined the title "tempations" to be pornographic in nature, well, spending this kinda cash and talking about 18-wheeler doggie poop has to be borderline obscene in some culture or another, methinks.

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