Monday, June 13, 2005

No Traffic Jams Here

A picture I took from a boat ride on the Chao Phraya River – Wat Arun, “The Temple of the Dawn” with an inset of a ten baht coin which prominently features it... I think. The ride was on more like a boat taxi or boat bus, with regular stops, and more than one service available, with its own website. A fun way to travel; it’s great with the wind in your hair. Plus it’s quick, and provides access to a lot of places which would cost a bomb to travel to on land.

I’ve been and will be really busy, so I may be a little less frequent here than usual.

MSN Space updated… and renamed Kangadrew.


Anonymous said...

reminds me of the ride on Thames. Not as nice as I expected.. you know what with all those composers glorifying thames. *blek*

btw, can some1 tell me what happened to sean ong? am getting worried here...

AF said...

Asked the same question last night, about Sean - apparently he just started working at Intel?

eg9 said...

work begins? that probly means the regular bloggs amongst your number will slowly be decimated.

sad isn't it.

AF said...

Actually the word "decimated" means "to reduce by 10 percent" if I'm not mistaken... unfortunately it's been rather quiet in my circle of bloggers, not without reason though.

Will try to update the blog as much as possible, but the real problem is that there's a lot of stuff I want to blog about that unfortunately I can't right now, for reasons of security and at the same time, trying to avoid making the blog into a "wah-log" or a "bla-log".