Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Prayer of the Frog, by Anthony de Mello

Well, a marsupial should have something to show for it… and so here’s the first posting of Pouch the Book Club: The Prayer of the Frog by Anthony de Mello, a collection of stories ranging from light humor to thoughtful to serious to confusingly mystic. Two volumes, and difficult to find, but a worthwhile buy if you happen to come across it. One snippet:

A group was enjoying the music at a restaurant. Suddenly a soloist struck up a vaguely familiar tune; everyone recognized the melody but no one could remember its name. So they beckoned to the waiter and asked him to find out what the musician was playing. The waiter waddled across the floor, then returned with a look of triumph on his face and declared in a loud whisper, “Violin!”

A scholar's contribution to spirituality!

1988, Gujarat Sahitya Prakash publishers, Anand, India.


Anonymous said...

am curious already. :D if you happen to stumble upon a copy, tell me :) I loaned Sean my J. Archer's short stories collection. *grin* Love em too.. not exactly great literature, but love the dry Brit wit.

eg9 said...

My dad has both at home in Pg... and a copy of "Song of the Bird" too...

~tengman.k.~ said...

Sounds like the waiter is a hornist!

(Would have said violist but then the waiter would have said "small viola")

AF said...

Yes, I enjoyed the Archer stories as well and Jing, you're welcome to borrow my copy of the de Mello; though I'm not sure where my Volume 2 has disappeared to... and speaking of waiters, check out http://www.waiterrant.blogspot.com/.