Monday, May 23, 2005

It's an art, it is.

There is a reason music called an art.

The purpose of an educator is to describe, relate, and in some cases dissect it for students to pick it up. In a sense this is a very scientific endeavor – to analyze sound and factor in the individual aspects of a student. But there is a certain level where language becomes inadequate as a tool of communication – maybe because it is trying to describe another form of communication, and all translation has limitations.

Bounce. Lift. Balance. Weight. Wait. Focus. Target. Round. Revolve. Center. Depth. Intent. Dark. Tension. Elastic. Discovery. Urgency. Flight. Flow.

You can grasp the general idea, but some of these words only make true sense after one gets it. And some ideas don’t even have the words.

Ironically, the path of discovery of this abstract and misty world of art is through the most basic scientific process: experimentation.

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