Saturday, May 21, 2005

Don't Worry, No Major Spoilers

Mike and I seem to be along the same thought lines with Star Wars Episode III – starting off with not wanting to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. Mike's posting mentioned a lot of stuff better than it was worded in my head, and I've just added in a coupla points here, plus a couple of trivia tidbits.

1. Mostly, the ideas are alright, I mean considering the whole saga behind it, if there was any decent scriptwriting to back it up.
2. I got the feeling like they just needed to add in a touch of every sideline character, old and new, out of some sort of reluctant obligation.
3. The reason why Darth Sidious is cool is because it’s the only actor (Ian McDiarmid) who returns from the original Star Wars movies.
4. Considering its name, not much actual “star wars”, eh?
5. With just a small exception with the scenes which they make the posters from, the special effects are brilliant.
6. The music from Episode I was better (remember the Duel of the Fates?), II and III kinda went the way of Harry Potter 2.
7. George Lucas just color coded the light sabers to see Jedis and Sith more clearly – but if you do fan research into the construction of the lightsabers, it’s supposed to be the focusing crystal that determines the color.

All in all, truly brilliant special effects, but not without star flaws.
Hope they make PC versions of the video game.

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