Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Close Calls, Memories, and Prajoabkeereekan

There are two reasons I don’t go out to town as much nowadays: 1. The 10 million people in Bangkok and oversized trucks make me feel a little lost at sea (or in 5-lane traffic jams, lost in a very large parking lot), and 2. Since moving in to my new apartment, my continuing affairs with satellite TV, microwave and being online.

But the occasional getting out into town has some sociological benefits; today I’m reminded of close calls. It’s amazing how near cars get to each other – and get away with it. I mean, you’ve got busses zoom-crossing three lanes of traffic remarkably without incident, and at some point, I could easily roll down the window, open the bus-driver’s door and what a party that would be. I saw a deaf person getting closer to the arriving BTS (LRT/MRT) than I would like to be, because he couldn’t hear the station security guard’s whistle. It made me think that sign language could be a good idea for use as an international language. Think about it, you talk in your own language and use sign language at the same time, and at the end of the conversation, the person you’re talking to might pick up some words in your own language.

Came back from a bak kut teh party; that A1 bak kut teh stuff is not bad, man. Good reminder of Penang. Also, just watched that Dodge Ball movie – ok, it’s a popcorn flick, but I actually played the sport when I was a kid, and it really is a cool sport. We didn’t have this catching thing, only the whack your opponent thing, and when you have it that way, the little kids have the advantage for once. Floor hockey and wall climbing, also excellent. Good memories.

I’m due to wake up in four hours to travel five and a half hours to beach resort in Prajoabkeereekan, for a short seminar; back on Friday evening. I’m gonna be dead tired in the morning, which is a good plan since I travel best when I’m dead to the world.

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah, u get travel-sick.. :P u want the A1 thingy? I can get for you.. *grin* but since I can't airmail myself, you've gotta cook it urself la.. try putting in a lot of garlics - unpeeled..