Friday, April 15, 2005

Ya Know What Dey Sey, Permanent Head Damage (aka Ph.D.)

Once again, great to meet up with pals. A product and continuation of a conversation with Teng, Jinx and Sean about more interesting degree programs:
1. MIT: Bachelor of Sewage Management
2. New York University: Bachelor of Sewage
3. New Pork University: Master of Pork Chops

4. National Footwear Institute: Master of Flip-Flops
5. University Sains Malaysia: Confirmed Bachelor
6. Harvard University: Bachelor of Penang Food (Majoring in Wan Tan Mee, final year thesis on angles of cutting char siew)
7. Oxford University: Master of Thai Kick-Boxing (Hons)
8. University of Paris: Bachelor of Weird Spelling (Minoring in Nasal Voices, final year thesis on minmalizing spitting while talking)
9. George W. University: Doctorate in Poly-sylabblic Anger Management


~tengman.k.~ said...

2 more -
1.National Univesity of Tibet: Masters in Yak-ology
2.University Ahmad Badawi: Bachelors' Degree with Honours in Pak(lah)tology
Thanks to Swee Hong, via CJ, for the two-ologies
Heck, let's put in a third one - NTU Masters in Computer Science, Thesis in Binary Computing a.k.a. 2-ology

~tengman.k.~ said...

Sorry, 2-ology not to be confused with New Pork University's Tu(bak)-ology Degree. Concentrations in soup and roast.