Thursday, April 07, 2005

Twins, Strings, and Jazzy Things

Interesting… The acronym for the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus – PESSOC – has a twin somewhere, apparently a Provincial Emergency Social Service Operation Center. Plus, it's a radio show.

I’ve been offered the position of Principal Viola of a new orchestra to be formed in Bangkok in a few months time. A friend used to advise me, “Don’t expect anything to happen, until it’s actually happening” – but I’m a little less pessimistic, and it will be good to be back in a regularly rehearsing orchestra. Also, it seems I’ve been placed on the advisory panel of Strings Magazine.

Looking forward to my visit to Penang next week… this trip will be a little different; there are passport, driving license and other things to clear up, and a CD I’ve tried to obtain for over a year has finally been ordered in: Claude Bolling’s Suite for Jazz Piano Trio and Chamber Orchestra. Yay!


~tengman.k.~ said...

Congratulations on the String Magazine thing! That no-hands article was really cool :D Me, the technophile!

The PESSOC thing on the other hand is a little bit freaky

LostSt said...

hey dude, drop me a line....working life is the pits...hahha, bored.....want to record stuff. Drop me a line...