Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just Rambling, Don't Mind Me = No Entertainment Value

My masters degree program will start fairly soon – the beginning of June. I’ve arranged it so that all my students are placed over a hectic four-day period, while I technically work five days a week. The masters will take up three days, which will mean quite a packed schedule when it starts. It’ll be tough, with a whole lot of commuting straight across the city, and finding time for course work, and practice as well. But it’s progress, and the scholarship something I’ve earned over the past year by proving myself in my position here. I’m a bit anxious as to studying and working over the next two years, but it’s an investment and something to push the career forward, and create new opportunities. And hmm, well I've done it before. Thankfully Jim Sherry, a doctoral alumnus of Berkeley is apparently the professor in charge, coz he’s really one of the nicest people in the main campus, and from personal experience, someone who remains understanding in difficult situations. Not to mention that he’s likely to be in the SAYOWE staff again, which makes it possible for me to be there as well; hopefully I can formally take over the Malaysian representative position, and assist in teaching.

Thoughts of long-term planning have been on my mind, and I think a good goal to set is being settled by the ripe old age of 30. Thailand is a wonderful place, and easier to make a greater impact. Adelaide would be swell, but it’s a longer shot. Singapore seems a more likely place for opportunity, but I’m not sure if I’ll be comfortable there. Penang is a great place, but career-wise… it needs some thought, and there’s a long way to go still. I suppose I should be grateful that I’m free to choose and plan, and have some feasible faith that the choices and plans will be possible.

I’m going to take the Singapore trip as a deep breath before the plunge, with the faith that the dive will produce at least one or two pearls.


Anonymous said...

mid life crisis. am getting it too. actually, had it for years. :P but remember this:
Wherever you are, wherever you go, your friends will always be with you.

p.s. I dont mind bringing over the bak kut teh and cook for u. as long as i can get a place to sleep. :P good bargain, no? nyehehehe..

eg9 said...

Nice warm fuzzy thought jinx.

...but what if you -have- no friends?

eg9 said...

oops. perhaps that phrase should have been "what if one has no friends" to be less open to misinterpretation.

anyway. just me being cynical.

and andrew, all the best :) good to see you're all geared up for the future. inspiring actually.

Anonymous said...

Well, sneexe, I have been through the nearly virtually 'no friends stage'. So I learnt at that time that being friendless is not a bad thing. In fact, I would prefer to be alone rather than having the wrong sort of friends. After all, they say that your best friend is yourself. I said "they say" because I still give myself contradictory messages each time I ask mself for an honest opinion. :P

PLUS, popularity is over-rated. Friendship has benchmarks as well. (at least I think it's true). Plus, I believe in what you give is a reflection of what you get. So, there you are, my two cents bits.

p.s. My brain is half dead. Though this isnt a very good excuse, AF, if I say antyhing wrong, pls delete this before I make a bigger fool out of my sorry a$$.. thank you for reading my dua sen comment. :P

eg9 said...

...is 'they' the voices in your head, or the friends?

I used to think so... actually I don't anymore, but I still do.

Old habits are hard to break :)

Good sens(e) jinx.

Anonymous said...

lol. ;) i think 'they' are the people disguised in voices. :P Not good when you have the tendency to laugh and talk by yourself. Many a time, people tend to think I am a bit cuckoo, which, isnt so bad, come to think of it. You wont get all those unwanted attention from unwanted people. :P (this coming from an antisocial freak..)