Monday, April 11, 2005

The Final Stretch

"The Elephant Building". Posted by Hello

Above is quick snap from my friend’s car on the way back to work.

Well, I’ve finally crossed the finish line – three and a half weeks non-stop with work and outside projects. Had another interesting session of Brahms’s 2nd string sextet, with conversations like:

S: How’s your bowing like in bar 34?
H: I’d put it at mildly poor; I’m sure I can do better.

plus especially scrumptious brownies after lunch. It was quite a bit of travel – across the whole of Bangkok, but worthwhile, for the music and the company. We’ve set the concert: 7pm, May 21st at AMA around the Tong Lo area, for those of you in the area. Admission is free. Members of the 30-Violins Club are especially welcome, and I will ask Mu' to post details when I get them. Looks like we’re throwing in the Rolla viola duet as a bonus, though I don’t guarantee it’ll be as good as the brownies. (They were really good, ‘k.)

After work, some last minute shopping, and a stop by for Jazz Night.

In other news, looks like Mr Lim Soon Lee will not make it to Bangkok this month, but perhaps in May. And if tickets are available, I’ll be watching (ok, ok, also hearing) Hillary Hahn next month.

Off to Penang I go!

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~short stuff~ said...

Now I know why the elephant building looks so familiar.. I saw it on my last trip to Bangkok! :D hmm.. I thought I lost my memory. That was 8 years ago. :)Thanks AF for posting the pic up!