Thursday, April 21, 2005

Contrasts, Conflicts and Pepperberry

I’m contrasted and conflicted, as usual. Spent the day reorganizing my apartment, getting rid of wasted space, creating a new work space which will come in useful when the masters starts in June, and rearranging wires and extension cords to create a new music station in the bedroom to get some weird melodies into my head before hitting the hay, and plugging in the computer speakers I brought back – in other words getting the place more like the home I regard it as now. And yet, I’ve come to realize that as much as I like my career and the academic opportunities and lifestyle it provides, you really come to realize the difference between Malaysia’s English as a second language versus it as a foreign language here.

Hmm… just installed Skype. I suppose I should get a microphone tomorrow and consider a webcam. In the meantime the new mini-tripod for the handphone and new salad dressings: balsamic vinegar & red pepper, and pepperberry, are worthy distractions, so thanks to Wing and Mei Yoke. The latter is a rather cultured dressing, which means I've got to stop spoiling the palate (that sounds so elitist - read as "Wah lau, my tongue cannot taste wan!") with Oishi Honey Lemon Green Tea.

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eg9 said...

heard a lot about skype... let me know how it goes ... i might try installing it when i have a bit of free time