Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chainsaw Journalism

I’m back – into a third week without any off days; but in part out of choice in the Chulalongkorn Viola Ensemble which started out this marathon, and tomorrow to prepare students for an upcoming concert. There had to be a limit though, and it looks like I’m getting a little under the weather.

Pattaya was interesting; and had a fun time with the digital cam. It was nice to see the sea once again. The last day of the trip was spent in a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum, which was a semi-theme park thing, with a hall of mirrors, a couple of ride-like events, employees chasing tourists with chainsaws, and a collection of memorabilia and curios. Tried to get a wax casting of a bowgrip for use in teaching, but maintaining any tactile ability in the process of super-freezing followed by hot wax complicated things.

I’m inclined to agree with a more-heard opinion that CNN is some sort of drama news agency. What with Terri Shiavo, and now, digging up controversies in the John Paul the Great’s legacy… yellow journalism isn’t quite gone yet; perhaps some of that is more at home at Ripley’s.

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