Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Back in Bangkok

I’m back in Bangkok. Penang was great, and thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable. It really can be a great place to stay, and there’s no replacing well-built friendships and family. All the same, it’s also good to be back where my career has got its path to go, I’m independent – which is now a misdefined term, self-reliant is better – and still I can look forward to meeting everyone again in August (hopefully). One day maybe I’ll get my cake and eat it too. (And to heck with the calories.)

My trip back part made me empathize with Teng's PFS sentiments. Sometimes I think I don't really miss the school as much as I miss the way it was. And that’s not an entirely healthy thing; to miss something that you can’t change or get back; so lucky also that I’m here in Bangkok in some ways – deal with the present, leave those memories intact, and hopefully get back to help out in Choral Speaking once a year, and see no evil, which might be difficult considering the sheer mass of it (sorry guys, internal joke). Might write something for the Expression section of the PFS Mag though.

Blogging has been an interesting experience so far – for someone trained to write, and with the rather dispersed readership, it’s a question mark whether to create that which people wouldn’t mind reading, and stuff like this blog which is just me. Thankfully both have value to me, and hopefully at least occasionally you guys too. ;P

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stev said...

well on your personal blog, just continue writing about whadaheck you feel like writing.

you make good friends (& interesting blogs) by being who you are ;)