Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Series of Unconnected Events

Movie lines I’d like to see:
1. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a falling grand piano.”
Super “Man, I’m in Trouble”
2. “I’m Blond, James Blond”
Dye Another Day
3. “My dear Watson, note that while the suspect resembles a potato, his ideas are only half-baked.”
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Scarlet Ferret.

An interesting Star Trek anecdote, edited for brevity: As a storm approached the city, I saw a man outside the city walls, and I went down and asked him to return to safety. He said, “Cowards! I am one of courage – you go and hide behind stone and mortar! I will face the wind and make it respect me. And so the storm came, and the next day, the man was dead. The wind does not respect fools.”

A little housekeeping: I will be back in Penang on the evening of April 12th, and will return to Bangkok on the morning of April 20th; so, about a week back. My folks are considering a job offer that will place them in Bangkok, which is interesting, though I maintain living on my own.

Lastly, in case any one was wondering, the title of the last blog entry, “How Now, Brown Cow?” was from the movie The Avengers.

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eg9 said...

The Snickett movie is here! ...I'm debating whether or no I should watch it... will I be let down yet again?

Then again Jim Carrey as the evil uncle does sort of hold promise...