Thursday, March 24, 2005

Random Thoughts as Usual

I must say, unexpectedly being called in to stand in for – and sight read – the second solo viola part for Brandenburg 6 with just about every major performing violist in Bangkok in the ensemble, was exciting… and it’s good when music still excites you.

Curiously enough, the German word for viola – “bratche” – means “arm”, taken from the Italian “braccio”, though my interlingual spelling my violate (a word which is “viola” + “te”, go figure) certain obscure orthographical laws. Thus, playing the viola is in essence, “taking up arms”.

For some reason, this came up while on Messenger with Sean:

"They came with cookware and with curries they lashed,
In aims my head and my body would be rather detached."
Song of the Laksa People Who Came After Me

(Non-Malaysian/Singaporean readers: Laksa is a Chinese dish… and out of poetic fiction I really do like laksa and have nothing against the people who make them so long as they don’t come after me with cookware and curries and thoughts of dismemberment )

I’m planning to do a CD recording with my improvisational pianist friend, and maybe add in a couple of tracks of a viola duet, just something for me to have as a longer-term asset. A nearby music studio’s rates are reasonable, let’s hope the sound engineer is adaptable. Hopefully next month…

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