Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Marsupial Mumbles!

…and meanders, apparently. As a violist, it is both a job hazard and a job requirement that I be tragically misunderstood (or at least, be tragic while creating misunderstoodings)… and so it seems apt that I begin this blog with an explanation of its name:

Andrew Filmer says:
You recommend your own blog provider?
JDA says:
It's the most popular one
And by and large quite idiot-proof
Andrew Filmer says:
You were smirking as you typed that:
I just know it
You're a violist too ya know
Doomed to the intelligence of a medieval marsupial
Whatever that means
Actually I think I'll start a blog... and name it just that
Here goes!
JDA says:
who me!
I never smirk.

And so that’s that. Obviously my choice of font size there was based on the latest report by the International Squinters Federation that stated that scientific evidence shows promising results that the muscles used while squinting also compact the brain cells, increasing one’s IQ.

Seriously though, in the teaching of music, one is based on the principle that through words you can communicate some concept of a system of physical movement that leads to the sounds you use to make music. Then you get some fabulous recording, or meet a great musical moment of your own, and you realize some things can’t be taught. Words just aren’t enough on their own – which is why we have music, to begin with.

Words however have their value – like their use in me welcoming you to this blog, wherever you are.


bratsche said...

My dear, you still left my name in on the second quote. Sigh.

~tengman.k.~ said...

hey, welcome to blogspot :D
btw apparently the formatting stuff is easier on blogdrive but if you aren't planning to tinker much (you're a free, of course you're gonna tinker!) then there's no problem.

eg9 said...

Just got home and had a shower... god I'm tired.

Welcome to the ungraceful world of blogging Andrew :) I'm going to link you from my credits page.

JDA: *shrug* male violist you know. what can you expect? (^_~)

Teng: You have a blog? Why didn't you guys say so on Gramsters? Duh. How much entertaining reading material have I been missing out on?!?!?!

AF said...

Hmm... apparently adding links to my blog has magnified the font size, for whatever reason... Hope the Squinters don't get back at me for it.