Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The International Viola Theme Song

Sung to the tune of the Funeral March for a Marionette, with verses following the clarinet melody, and the chorus to the brass entry.

Verse 1:
To violas we’re off to play
To violas we’re off to play
Hearts we’ll sway
And nerves we’ll fray
And donkeys bray
To violas we’re off to play

Yo ho! Yo ho!
It’s a violist’s life for me
Yo ho! Yo ho!
Dum, diddle dum, de doo de dee. (repeat)

Verse 2:
Through murkier notes we wade
Like pink elephants on parade
With bows of thatch,
On gut we scratch,
Contract, subtract,
And on Toto, we go, “Away!”

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