Friday, March 18, 2005

I Hope Creativity Is Not A Gift

Gosh man, I hope not – in the sense that anyone should be able to get it with hard work, in the same way that keeping an open mind or analytical thinking needs hard work. Just watched Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and that was a welcome dose of creativity (which probably is owed more to the books, which I haven’t had the opportunity to encounter as yet). It has all those things which make thought colorful – depth of story, variety, simple but good humor, poetic devices (especially redefining the common imagery of biting, and a curious coexistence of the odd and the realistic), and thought-provoking enough without being too arty farty – that almost made Jim Carrey’s acting bearable.

Hats off to the author of the books, Daniel Handler, who as a writer, seemed to want to see people read, and not just buy his books. Beyond entertainment are the subtle ideas in the writing, that make things like reading a lot, and inventing, regain a rightful place of coolness. More importantly, achievable and applicable, which has more value than riding on broomsticks, as much as I like the Harry Potter books.

I hope creativity is not a gift, as much for the possibility that there are heights I may not reach, as the idea that whatever creativity I may have is in some way a handout… ah, but beyond hope is a faith (a secular one, heh heh) that indeed it is... even if it may take more hard work than others.


eg9 said...

Creativity? It's a mixture of born & bred, nature & nurture; like everything else. Some people are naturally more disposed towards it, but working hard at it can definately give it a big boost.

You already watched the Snickett movie!!! Well, if your description is anythign to go by (HOW did they capture all that good stuff about the WRITING in a movie?) I shall definately make sure I catch at least one of them.

And yes, the books are good stuff (with... admirable intentions). Lemony Snickett is an original. JK Rowlings sux! (^_^) Hehehehehe. I know that'll get your goat.

~tengman.k.~ said...

yay! i have backup at last! :p
looks like i'll have to go dvd shopping after exams. btw, any bruch recordings to recommend? mei yoke says vengerov

AF said...

Bee Lee has the most fantastic recording of Bruch - the 1st concerto and the Scottish fantasy. Some Chinese soloist with the LSO. Unfortunately I can't order it in - it was a 1970s recording. Unfortunately that's all I can recommend.