Sunday, March 27, 2005

CNN = Cheers, and No-Nos.

Two of the extras on CNN have caught my eye – first, boos to TalkAsia. The last two guests of Lorraine Hahn have been Westerners: Elton John and Thomas Keneally. I didn’t care to catch the former, but the latter interview had nothing at all to do with Asia outside of a commendable opposition to hard-line Australian immigration policies… and a few mentions of WWII. Her next three scheduled guests are also Westerners, only one with any direct connection with Asia. While the website claims the show as targeting the Asia Pacific region, (to which one might state that future guests British author Alan Hollinghurst, and Diana Krall rather stretches the definition, and the geography) – is the Asian part of that simply the one asking questions? Lousy end of deal for the world’s largest continent.

Cheers goes to Femi Oke, weather anchor, who is the most natural personality on CNN. I mean, sure the anchors all look impressive in some way or another, but it’s all a little plastic with the big welcome and here’s the bad news. Femi’s got what is traditionally the driest part of the program, and she connects with her viewers by referring to weather conditions as relating to skiing conditions and potential flooding warnings. It’s “just above freezing” instead of 4°C, and “wonderful, clear skies”. Not to mention those great pics she finds to illustrate her points, everything from the postman in a snowstorm (the credo being “through rain or snow, sleet…” or something like that) to penguins and other interesting animals (violists are yet to be featured). Great live jokes like pretending the camera isn’t working, and then saying that she had to check it since someone said a fellow anchor looks cute, and it had to be a camera problem. It’s been a while, but I believe it was her who raised my eyebrows when she said something like, “It looks like a look at conditions in Africa will have to wait. My producer says we’re just out of time which really means time for me to shut up – back to you at the news desk,” all with that trademark smile which is always in season. Femi, you’re more than OK.


Anonymous said...

:( i dont have cnn.. is she pretty? she sounds kewl :P and do i detect a bit of fancy on your part? :P

Saintedge said...

a long o/t:
lol. didn't expect to see jinx's comment here. anyway, i found ur blog andrew thru jinx's. (it's "stephen yong" here an "old free" here btw to refresh ur memory ;)

truth be told i didnt recognize it was you at first but then the larger sized picture of you with the professor colonel in thailand now is really obvious. i don't think i need to put any comments on the differences in the way you look compared to once upon a time as i'm sure more than enough ppl have told you :P

anyway, your meanderings aren't really that "3 stationish" ;) - your writings make perfect sense (well to me anyway).

finally on topic:
supportive of cheers to Femi Oke. ok. not like i ever watch the weather reports. but if she is really that spontaneous, warm, nice, funny, etc (as gathered from your posting)... well... i'm pretty impressed.

oh and a final comment. i find it easier to have the comments open up on a new pop-up window. makes referring to your earlier posting easier for reference while leaving comments.

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